Great article. Big boobs are not everything they are cracked up to be! I’m a natural born very full chested DDD cup. I would love to be a full C cup. The upper back pain that comes with large breasts and sagging is no joke. Along with the bra straps that dig into my shoulders. I can’t even wear cute sleeveless tanks or nice button down shirts without looking like crap. There really are a pain. 🙂
Silicone breast implants offer a more natural look and feel, and are not known to cause a “rippling” effect that can sometimes occur with saline implants. They are composed of a thick silicone solution inside a silicone outer shell. Though silicone implants have a lower deflation rate, a ruptured silicone implant can be more difficult to detect. This makes it necessary for all women who have breast implants, either saline or silicone, to do routine self-exams, have the recommended number of mammograms each year, and let their doctor know of any concerns they may have.
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